HR Evolutions


Our team of senior psychological consultants supports in the design and delivery of individual and group assessment and development centers interventions.

Competence models

From job description to the construction and scientific validation of competence models that speak the language of the company, our consultants support you in every HR challenge.

Training & Coaching

Our trainers and coaches guarantee experience and innovative methodologies to ensure that your needs are effectively brought into context and bring clear and verifiable results.

Organizational climate

Using the internationally consolidated models, and integration with Diversity & Inclusion and Digital Readiness assessments, we support you in that fundamental business diagnosis activity to plan together individual development and OD interventions.

Test & Toolkit

Psychometric tests have always been fundamental allies of HR departments because they allow you to make better decisions faster, based on objective and scientific data. Our solution allows speed, attention to user experience and employer branding.


Gamification combines the scientific rigor of a psychometric test with gaming-related technologies, offering the possibility to measure a large number of characteristics and skills in a faster and more fun way for the candidate.

How we work

In the evaluation and development processes we combine the professionalism of our experts with the use of validated and international tests. Method, scientific rigor, together with innovation and efficient working methods, are the key features of our projects.

We analyze big and small data of client companies, linking them or not to the assessment results, so as to represent an all-in-one solution for the evaluation and management of Human Resources.

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